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To: Thomas Bodström
Minister of Justice of Sweden
Bengt Lundborg
Ambassador of Sweden

2003, October 14, Budapest

Dear Thomas Bodström and Bengt Lundborg,

Our workgroup, which has been established in 2003, August for the 'Prostitution free Hungary' would like to ask your help to make the 'Swedish model' handling prostitution in Sweden well known in our country. We would like to introduce this model both in the Parliament and make it known for the widest public, so an alternative would be shown to the legalization of prostitution and whorehouses in Hungary. We would like to ask you to send to Hungary experts who prepared and introduced this model in your country, and who can also talk to us about the results and the philosophy behind the model. We would like them to bring all sorts of supporting materials, participate in public meetings on the issue all around our country, appear in our media, give lots of interviews to the press, and talk to public officials. We trust that our new equal opportunity minister, Katalin Lévai would be very cooperative and would also welcome your experts in Hungary. At our brand new website, prostitucio.hu you can find both the list of our supporters and our contact numbers and addresses.

We hope to hear from you soon. On behalf of the Hungarian supporters of the Swedish model, members of the Prostitution Free Hungary workgroup,

Zsuzsa Forgács, historian-sociologist
Anna Betlen, economist, working on the establishment of crisis centers in Hungary
Géza Juhász, director of the Habeas Corpus Working Group
Krisztina Morvai, Associate Professor of Law, director of the Women's and Children's Right Center Foundation

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